Download NCTB Academic Textbooks for Class One to Class Ten

The schools would be able to distribute new textbooks among the students free of cost on the very first day of the new year,” National Curriculum and Textbook Board (NCTB) Chairman M Mostafa Kamaluddin told the newspaper.

The government had organized to supply all schools in the country with textbooks by 1st January. Prime minister Sheikh Hasina will officially inaugurate the Textbook Celebration by handing over a set of books to one student of each class up to Class IX under the general, madrasa and technical education boards

National Curriculum and Textbook Board BangladeshThe NCTB chairman said Education Minister Nurul Islam Nahid will distribute new textbooks among the students of Viqarunnisa Noon School and College on January 1, 2012 and among the students of Motijheel Government High School noon on the same day.

In academic year 2012, a total of 22.13 crore textbooks will be distributed among 3,12,13,759 students. The numbers of books and students were 23.2 crore and 3,22,36,321 respectively in the previous year.

All of the books that would be downloaded are in PDF Format. So use Adobe Reader to read these PDF Textbooks.

Class One Academic Textbooks Download

Class One Textbooks Download

Class One BanglaTextbook Download

Class Two Academic Textbooks Download

Class Two Textbooks Download

Class Two Mathematics Textbook

Class Three Academic Textbooks Download

Class Three Textbooks Download

Class Three BanglaTextbook

Class Four Academic Textbooks Download

Class Four Textbooks Download

 Class Four Textbook

Class Five Academic Textbooks Download

 Class Five Textbooks Download

 National Curriculum and Textbook Board Bangladesh

Class Six Academic Textbooks Download

  Class Six Textbooks Download

 Class Six Textbook

Class Seven Academic Textbooks Download

Class Seven Textbooks Download

 Class Seven Textbook

Class Eight Academic Textbooks Download

Class Eight Textbooks Download

 Class Eight Math Textbook

Class Nine and Ten Academic Textbooks Download

 Class IX-X Textbooks Download

Class Nine & Ten Textbook

29 thoughts on “Download NCTB Academic Textbooks for Class One to Class Ten

  1. Shimu

    all the books are of old version.we want new books for academic year 2012.
    oi gadha toder mathay ghilu nai naki???????

    1. BD News Corner Post author

      I am really sorry because we don’t published it. It published from NCTB. When they update it we will also update here. Thanks for comments :)

  2. Hasib

    How folish it is?
    no book are available which are enclosed in the table
    what type of none sense
    pls do favour

  3. sayeed

    what kind of site it is!!!!!! To upload all items i am giving you two days ultimetam…………………….gadhara site khulcis ki dekhanar jonne???

  4. Biman

    Before I tried to have English for today for class nine-ten, I had much doubt whether it would be downloaded and it just happened as I doubted. There is no text book at all. It came to me as Bangladesh appears to the world.

  5. Abdullah Al Mamun

    Dear Sir, We are informed that books of class-v, enlish version has been changed. I like to download the new version e-book of class v, english version. Please let me know whether you have placed the updated version of all books of class -v, english version. Please give addres of the site. Regards.

  6. Sajia Iffat

    How shall I get Biology,Physics,Chemistry book of Class 9 of 2012???? I want it!!! Its very necessary!!!!


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