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Mirakkel is the one of the best comedy reality show on Zee Bangla hosted by Mir and directed by Raj Chakroborty and Subhankar Chatterjee later. This is the king of all comedy reality show of Bengal. This show gives the fresh and free unlimited enjoyment and refreshment to the viewers. This is the most favorite comedy show to audience.

This show produced by Miracle Films and hosted by the popular radio jockey and television host Mir, Mirakkel is a one of its kind reality show. The show aired on Zee Bangla, offers a platform for stand-up comedians across Bengal to showcase their talent.

Mirakkel Akkel Challenger 6 marks the return on Zee Bangla of the Badshah of all comedy shows. The original power house of humor Mirakkel is back with Mir as the anchor of the show that will be judged by the stalwarts of comedy – Paran Bandyopadhyay, Sreelekha Mitra and Rajatava Dutta. This is the sixth season of Mirakkel Akkel Challenger. So this year end, book your ticket for laughter and joy with Mirakkel Akkel Challenger 6.

Mirakkel Akkel Challenger 6 September 19 ’11 – Abu Heena Roni

This is the sixth season of Mirakkel Akkel Challenger, with participants across the age group of 4-77 yrs. Participants are from across India from places like Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, West Bengal and Dhaka.

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