National University Result Of Bangladesh

National University Result Of Bangladesh

The National University (NU) was established in 1992 below an act of Parliament of the Government of the people’s republic of Bangladesh with functions specific from those of the standard Universities of the country. The National University provides the general education at graduate and post-graduate level in colleges/institutions which were associated to different public universities since flexibility. About 1 million students are learning in more than 1600 colleges/institutions affiliated to this university. The National University is broadening in terms of number of students, courses and corporations day by day. To day this university plays the most important role to provide possibilities for higher education among the students living specifically in rural and semi-urban locations. The National University has taken a lot of vital steps to improve the ordinary of education by developing a modern uniform program, providing training of the teachers and delivering teaching resources to the associated organizations.

NU Result Of BangladeshNational University Result Of Bangladesh

    1. Degree Year-1National University Result Of Bangladesh
    2. Degree Year-2
    3. Degree Year-3
    4. Degree(Subs.)
  1. Hon’s-1st Part
  2. Hon’s-2nd Part
  3. Hon’s-3rd Part
  4. Hon’s-4th Part
  1. Masters 1st Part
  2. Masters Final
  1. MBA 1st Semester
  2. MBA 2nd Semester
  3. CSE 1st Semester
  4. CS 1st Semester
  5. CS 2nd Semester
  6. LLB 1st Semester
  7. LLB Final
  8. Library Science
  9. M.Sc. In CS
  10. B.P.ED.
  11. M.Ed.
  12. B.Ed.
  13. Journalism

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  1. Tayebur Rahman

    Dear, Sir, I am a student of B.L college. I have completed B.A Honors in this year. But don’t get my Marks sheet. i need marks sheet emergency. Please give me my marks sheet quickly.


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